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Tito one of the must see films at SXSW 2019

Director Grace Glowicki’s unique feature-length debut is one of the most exciting entries in SXSW’s always compelling Visions section, which has launched everything from “Uncle Kent 2” to Joel Potrykus’ “Relaxer.” With “Tito,” Glowicki stars as an introverted man — you read that right — terrified to leave his house, at least until he encounters a friendly neighbor (Ben Petrie) willing to coax the character out of his shell. Opening with post-apocalyptic dread before it evolves into a buddy movie until a jolting experiential twist in its final act, “Tito” is the sort of visionary work that film festival audiences deserve to discover on the ground, and bodes well for the career of a filmmaker willing to tackle complex themes (gender identity and social biases both come into play) with a singular voice. 


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